Signs of Death is challenging the existing norms of presenting grief and memory through innovate expression. The format of the art piece remains respectful while reforming a sensitive subject.
This collection of nine books of condolences aims to be the starting point of revealing how we could recognize and reform existing norms. Signs of Death is using the elements of traditional books of condolences: the cover, the page in between and its poem, the twisted band, the stickers, and the theme of nature. It takes all these elements and rebuilds them into an art piece.
The art piece consists of nine books of condolences which all include a poem. I have created the auto fictive poems by copy-pasting my personal text messages, leaving out chunks of texts to create a new narrative. These poems try to find early signs of death for the relationship in question, whether with a friend or a spouse. The subject is relatable in a way that we often try to find early signs of a break-up by reading between the lines after something has come to an end.

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